Early 20th Century Olive, NY

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Parcel 622 - Property Owned by John G. Baker
Parcel 622 - Property Owned by John G. Baker - Image Source

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Historical Context

The Town of Olive area of New York underwent extraordinary changes during the early 1900s to build a safe drinking water system for New York City. To create the manmade reservoirs necessary to gather the water for this endeavor, New York City claimed the right of eminent domain. The city condemned these towns, paid compensation to property owners, forced people from their homes, and cleared the land. Construction began on the dam in 1907. 

Scope of Collection

The City of New York's Watershed Project divided the area to be flooded into sections and parcels.  This collection includes photos and documents related to the hamlets in the Town of Olive sections.  These hamlets include Olive, Olivebridge, Brown's Station, Burnt Swamp, Brodhead, Boiceville, Shokan, and West Shokan.  (Note: Parts of Burnt Swamp and Stone Church were in the Town of Marbletown but not included in this collection).