Arthur Koweek's Urban Renewal collection

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Cover of a special news insert highlighting retail businesses involved in the SPOUT-related activity called Action Windows. - Image Source

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Historical Context

Arthur Koweek's Urban Renewal collection contains materials related to Urban Renewal projects that Arthur Koweek helped to lead from 1971 to 1975 in the City of Hudson, New York. The materials document the City’s redevelopment efforts including reports, administrative records, photographs, publications, maps, and the SPOUT scrapbook. The Society to Promote Our Unique Town (SPOUT) was a civic organization that existed for over 20 years in Hudson. SPOUT was the final iteration of urban renewal in Hudson and focused on economic revitalization, especially to hard-hit businesses on Warren Street in Hudson that were experiencing loss of retail traffic due to conditions in the city and the advent of strip malls on nearby Fairview Avenue in Greenport. This scrapbook presents a snapshot in time of the prevailing cultural norms, societal structures, local journalism and graphic arts of the day.

Scope of Collection

The scrapbook includes newspaper articles, photographs, and advertisements from local newspapers such as the Register-Star and The Independent as well as posters, brochures, and administrative correspondence. This online collection contains representative images from the scrapbook, which contains over 800+ images.