Albany County Military and Property Records

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Discharge of Louis Seggar from the Royal American Regiment, 1760 - Image Source

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An assembled collection of military and property records pertaining to Albany County residents from 1760-1818. The documents pertain to members of the Albany County and New York State Militias, indentures between the Van Rensselaer land owners (Patroons) and their tenants, the settlement of Duanesburg, indentures from the Town of Berne, and the 1777 seal of
New York State. The earliest document is a military discharge paper that dates to 1760 during the French and Indian War. The latest document is an officer’s commission in the NYS Militia that dates to 1818.

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ACHA Staff: Bradt, Aaron (Project Implementation, Digitization, Meta-data); Kosto, Kathryn (Arrangement)

ACHA Archive Volunteers: Abram, Susan (Transcriber); Brankman, Anthony C. (Transcriber); Bartram, Carol (Transcriber); Garabedian, Beth (Transcriber); Gretter, Worth (Transcriber); Rector, Rebecca (Transcriber); Wehren, Vida (Transcriber); Younge, Lee H. (Transcriber)