Albany County Community Digitization Outreach Project: Family Papers

Cover Image:
Black and white photograph
Gary Springsteen, Lorraine Jeffress, and Ardell Jeffress on the front steps of their house, Albany, New York, 1953. - Image Source

Collection Facts

Dates of Original:
ca. 1880-2002

Scope of Collection

An assembled collection of family records of Albany County residents collected at community history scanning events held by the Albany County Historical Association. Each collection was assembled by the contributor. It contains photographs, high school diplomas, letters, event programs, and other records that document family histories through the 19th, 20th, and 21st Centuries. The records pertain to numerous locations in New York State including Arbor Hill (Albany, NY), Second Street (Albany, NY), Clinton Avenue (Albany, NY), Colonie Street (Albany, NY), Warren Street (Albany, NY), and Valatie (Columbia County, NY) These records include African American family history.

Special Content:

Thank you to the following for their work on this collection: 

ACHA Staff: Bradt, Aaron (Project Implementation, Digitization, Meta-data); Kosto, Kathryn (Arrangement). 

Additional Information

Publisher of Digital:

Albany County Historical Association

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