Abram Lincoln Letter Collection

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Abram Lincoln Letter Collection
Letter Poem from Unknown - Feb. 14, 1851 - Image Source

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1842 - 1850

Historical Context

Abram Lincoln, otherwise known as A.B. Lincoln, was a native of Henrietta, New York. He attended West Point Military Academy and served in the U.S. Military, reaching the rank of 1st Lieutenant and fighting in the Mexican-American War. He died in Pilatka, Florida in 1852. He is buried in the Maplewood Cemetery in Henrietta, New York.

Scope of Collection

This collection contains correspondence between Abram Lincoln and various people. Some of the documents relate to Lincoln's military service and financial records, while others are personal correspondence with friends and family, including a Valentine’s Day letter. Some letters are not dated, but most of the collection dates to the 1840s.