Oneida Community Mansion House

170 Kenwood Avenue
Oneida, New York 13421
Phone: 315-363-0745
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Oneida Community Mansion House


The Oneida Community Mansion House was the home of the Oneida Community (1848-1880), a utopian community that sought to bring about heaven on earth through the practice of Bible Communism, Complex Marriage, and communal child-rearing. After the amicable breakup of the Community in 1880, the community transitioned into a joint-stock company, Oneida Community, Limited (later renamed Oneida Limited), which became one of the world’s largest manufacturers of tableware. Today, this National Historic Landmark and non-profit seeks to use its historic site and collection to share the story of the Oneida Community and its legacy to explore pressing social issues that still confront audiences today.

Oneida Community Mansion House is a member of the Central New York Library Resources Council.


Group of People Outside the Mansion House

This collection of photographs documents life at the Mansion House, Sherrill, and Oneida Community, Limited from 1881-1935.

Onieda Community Silverplate Ad, 1955

This collection of advertisements, objects, periodical articles, photographs, and diary entries gives a window into the roles of women in the Oneida Community and the companies that it founded.