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New Rochelle Public Library


The New Rochelle Public Library is a community resource that seeks to improve the life of every citizen in our city. It is dedicated to encouraging learning in all stages of life, to protecting intellectual freedom and to providing fair and equal access to information.

Our Local History Collection continually grows through donations from the public. It now includes over 2,500 non-circulating books, pamphlets, maps and atlases; as well as several hundred oral histories, close to 10,000 photographs and postcards, and over 55,000 reproduced newspaper and magazine clippings. Library staff and volunteers steadily work on the unending task of processing materials for online accessibility.

New Rochelle Public Library is a member of the Southeastern New York Library Resources Council.


Davids Island-Fort Slocum Cultural Resources Digital Repository

From 1861 to 1965, Davids Island, New Rochelle, NY was the site of several military encampments and army posts. This collection provides an important visual primary source depicting the historic architecture and landscape of Davids Island, and oral histories with former Fort Slocum service members and residents and others associated with Davids Island.

Historic Photographs of New Rochelle

A collection of photographs examining life in New Rochelle, NY and documenting its development to a premier suburban community.

Historic Postcards of New Rochelle

A collection of postcards depicting many aspects of life in New Rochelle, NY.

1919 Map of Indian Camp Site, Pintard Avenue, New Rochelle, NY

Hand-drawn maps executed by Morgan H. Seacord depicting the southern portion of New Rochelle with particular attention to indigenous encampments or villages, topographical features of the shoreline and named properties and thoroughfares as they existed in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

New Rochelle Oral History Collection

A selection of oral history interviews from the New Rochelle Public Library.