Lake Placid Public Library

2471 Main Street
Lake Placid, NY 12946
Phone: 518-523-3200

Lake Placid Public Library


1883, some of the people of Lake Placid felt the need for a library. A public notice was put up, and the meeting was scheduled to be held in the Adirondack Baptist Church on January 15, 1884.
On the appointed day eighteen people "interested in the literary advancement of our community" formed the Library Association of North Elba. A Certificate of Incorporation was filed in the office of the Essex County Clerk, Mr. Roberts, who donated the cost of the filing, on February 19, 1884.
Building plans began immediately. Two hundred books had already been donated for the shelves, as well as several newspaper and magazine subscriptions. A plot between Mirror Lake and Main Street was chosen. It has been the site of the library ever since.
The plot belonged to the Adirondack Baptist Church. The Library Association was to pay a token rent of $1.00 to the Church on January 1st of east year; on the same day the church donated $1.00 to the Library Association. Thus the property cost the library nothing; only the annual exchange of receipts was involved. The lease was to run for fifty years and was renewable for another fifty. Byron E. McLeod donated his time to survey the plot and James L. Breeze of New York City drew up plans and specifications for free. R.W. Clifford was chosen to build the library for $1200.
The community generously donated time, raw materials and cash. The dream of a few people had become that of the whole community. The Lake Placid Public Library opened its doors in July 1886. Lydia Wood was elected the first Librarian and began to collect her salary of $1.00 a week.

Lake Placid Public Library is a member of the Northern New York Library Network.


Lake Placid Public Library Photograph Archive

This collection consists of historical photos, newspaper articles, postcards, and some personal notes of people, places, sports, and businesses pertaining to the Town of North Elba and Village of Lake Placid as created by Town and Village Historians Mary MacKenzie (1964-2001) and Beverley Reid (2001-present).