Historic Huguenot Street

81 Huguenot Street
New Paltz, NY 12561
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Historic Huguenot Street


A National Historic Landmark District, Historic Huguenot Street encompasses 30 buildings across 10 acres that was the heart of the original settlement, including seven stone houses that date to the early eighteenth century. It was originally founded in 1894 by the descendants of the first settlers as the Huguenot Patriotic, Historical, and Monumental Society to preserve what remained of their French and Dutch heritage. Since then, Historic Huguenot Street has grown into an innovative museum, chartered as an educational corporation by the University of the State of New York, that is dedicated to protecting our historic buildings, conserving an important collection of artifacts and manuscripts, and promoting the stories of the Huguenot Street families, from the sixteenth century to today.

Historic Huguenot Street is fortunate to have an excellent archival collection, thanks to the forward-thinking nature of generations before us and the generosity of descendants and others interested in history. Our Archives, like our Library, focus on the history and genealogy of the settlers of the Hudson Valley — people from the low countries of Europe including French-speaking and Dutch families.

Historic Huguenot Street is a member of the Southeastern New York Library Resources Council.


18th- and 19th- Century Cooking in the Hudson Valley

Documents and images related to cooking and food preparation in the 18th and 19th centuries.

African American Presence in the Hudson Valley

Documents and photographs relating to African-American history in the early United States.

Before Hudson: 8,000 Years of Native American History and Culture

Photographs of Native American artifacts found in New Paltz, including pottery, beads, and projectile points.

Binary Visions: 19th Century Woven Coverlets

A selection of 19th century woven coverlets as well as some various supporting materials, drawn from the permanent collection of Historic Huguenot Street.

Civil War Collection

Letters, photographs, and records about the Civil War.

Colonial Manuscripts

Archival documents relating to the early development of the town of New Paltz, NY.

Early Education in the Hudson Valley

Photographs and documents reflecting the growth of education in the New Paltz area from early Huguenot days through the twentieth century.

Greeting Cards

Historic greeting cards from the late 19th century to the early 20th century.

Historic Huguenot Street Photographs and Portraits

Images of New Paltz residents, events, and landmarks.

Katherine Deyo Cookingham Downer Collection

Photographs, artifacts, and ephemera related to the Deyo Cookingham Family.

Mary Anne Thorne Chadeayne Collection

Photographs, correspondence, textiles, and other items pertaining to the family of Mary Ann Thorne Chadeayne.

New Paltz Reformed Church Records

Two volumes of early records from the Reformed “Dutch” Church of New Paltz beginning in 1683.

Provincial Exile: Roelof J. Eltinge's Banishment from the Paltz

Beginning in 1777, this collection follows Roelof Josiah Eltinge through his legal troubles of being an accused loyalist in New Paltz, NY.

Quilts of Historic Huguenot Street

A selection of historic quilts drawn from the permanent collection at Historic Huguenot Street.

School Letters of Rachel Eltinge

The school letters of Rachel Eltinge, written during her stay at the New Paltz Female Academy.

World War II Letters of Virgil Deyo

Letters written by Staff Sergeant Virgil Deyo during his service in World War II.