Dunham Public Library

76 Main Street
Whitesboro, NY 13492
Phone: 315.736.9734
Fax: 315.736.3265
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Dunham Public Library


George Earl Dunham was a local newspaper editor and civic-minded citizen. He was born in Clayville in 1859, and was best known as editor and publisher of the Utica Daily Press. He also taught at the Whitesboro Seminary, and later taught Americanization classes to immigrants. He received national recognition for a popular book on the subject. Mr. Dunham was instrumental in the establishment of the Utica Chamber of Commerce and became its first president in 1898. Upon his death, he designated his father’s estate to be used as a public library.

In 1927, Dunham Public Library was chartered and incorporated as a free public library serving the Union Free School District of Whitesboro.
In 1937, Dunham Public Library was rechartered as a public library serving the geographical area of the Whitesboro Central School District, a service area encompassing Deerfield, Marcy, Schuyler, Whitesboro and Yorkville.

Dunham Public Library is a member of the Central New York Library Resources Council.


Dunham Family Collection

The Dunham Family History collection contains portraits, photographs, and various documents saved by the Dunham family.

Dunham Public Library Board Minutes

This collection includes board minutes from Dunham Public Library in Whitesboro, New York, spanning from the formation of the library until 2015.

Scrapbook of Ablett Mill

A scrapbook of Ablett Mill, with interior and exterior photographs of the wool mill in Whitesboro.

Whitesboro School Yearbooks

This collection contains yearbooks and alumni publications from the Whitesboro Central School District, including the "Che-Ga-Quat-Ka" high school yearbooks and "Wariors" junior high school yearbooks.

Whitestown Seminary Postcard

This collection contains an early history of the Whitestown Seminary, an assignment on the architecture of the Whitestown Seminary, Anniversary Exercises for 1862 to 1864, programs on an exhibition and on a reunion and banquet, and photographs.