Dudley Observatory

15 Nott Terrace Heights
Schenectady, New York 12308
Phone: 518-382-7890 x259

Dudley Observatory


The Dudley Observatory is a 160-year-old astronomical institution located in the Capitol Region of upstate New York. Its collection is currently housed at the Museum of Innovation and Science (miSci), and it includes the original telescopes, timepieces, institutional archives, astronomical research library and a number of films created or collected during the Observatory's history.

Dudley Observatory is a member of the Capital District Library Council.


Dudley Observatory Artifacts

This collection contains images of artifacts and people related to the Dudley Observatory.

Dudley Observatory Historical Archives

This collection contains artifacts relating to the history of the Dudley Observatory.

Micro-meteorite Collecting

Dudley launched probes and balloons into the upper atmosphere in order to collect and examine the micro-meteorites to be found there. This collection contains documentation from this process.

San Luis Observatory

This collection contains materials related to the San Luis project.