Hallockville Museum Farm

6038 Sound Ave
Riverhead, New York 11901
Phone: (631) 298-5292
Heather Johnson - (631) 298-5292 - execdirector@hallockville.org

Hallockville Museum Farm


Hallockville Museum Farm was created to preserve and interpret the history of farming on the North Fork of Long Island. The Museum got its start with the preservation of the Hallock Homestead. The original portion of the homestead was built in 1765 by Ruben Brown. Ezra Hallock bought the farm and lived in the house sometime after the Revolution . In 1801, Ezra sold the sixty-acre farm and buildings to his brother Captain Zachariah Hallock (1749-1820) for his son Zachariah Hallock 2nd (1776-1854). Zachariah 2nd was married in 1800 and he and his descendents lived in the homestead until 1979 when his great-granddaughter Ella Hallock moved out at age 95 to a nursing home in Riverhead where she died at the age of 100 in 1985. Capt. Zachariah did not live here but in a house further east.

The Museum gains its name of Hallockville from the Puritan tradition of carving out a piece of the family farm for male heirs of marrying age. By the latter part of the 1800’s many of the houses along Sound Avenue belonged to descendants of Capt. Zachariah Hallock causing locals to refer to the area as “Hallockville.”

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An assortment of tapes from the collection.

Audio recordings of Suffolk County residents.