Refugee Family Photos Before Resettlement to CNY

Cover Image:
Young Eh Ka Paw and Young Nyi Nyi Aung
Young Eh Ka Paw and Young Nyi Nyi Aung - Image Source

Collection Facts

Dates of Original:
1982 - 2017

Historical Context

Refugee Family Photos Before Resettlement to CNY, stemmed from community interest in archiving old photos and photo albums that refugees brought with them to the United States from their former homes in Burma, Thailand, Kenya, and refugee camps along the borders of those countries.  Refugee families did not have many possessions but they valued and protected old photographs of their lives before resettlement.  Dr. Kathryn Stam from the SUNY Polytechnic Institute and intern Snow Steel scanned the photos and conducted oral history interviews during the summer of 2002.  This project was supported by a CLRC Access and Digitization Grant that funded one internship and modest stipends for six refugee families to include their photos in this collection.

Scope of Collection

The collection covers photographs from Aye Sa Tah, Doe Kpaw Soe Paw, Eh Ka Paw, Hawa Juma, Kay Klo, Say Kpaw Wah, Snow Steel, and Tabo Bo and their families from when they lived in their former homes to being resettled in the US.