Nazareth College Yearbooks Collection

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Nazareth College Yearbooks Collection
Sigillum 1948 - Image Source

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1928, 1948-2018

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The collection contains scanned copies of the Nazareth College student yearbook, Sigillum, dating from 1948 through 2018. The first annual, Excalibur, was published in 1928 by the graduating seniors to celebrate Nazareth College's first four years.

The Nazareth University Archives was established to preserve our university's history and provide access to records for teaching and research, including our digital collections. We are aware that the Sigillum includes some historical photos that contain offensive and disturbing racial images and are profoundly hurtful and distressing. The University does not endorse the views expressed in such materials, and they do not embody the values of our community.