Maria College The Mariale Literary Magazine

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Maria College The Mariale Literary Magazine
Cover of The Mariale, 1961 - Image Source

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1961-1976 (missing volume 1965)

Historical Context

The Mariale, the spring literary magazine of Maria College, prevailed from 1961-1976 (missing year 1965).

Scope of Collection

There are 446 creative works (titles) within the literary magazines. Illustrations and photographs by students are also included. Some issues of “The Mariale” have themes. The 1966 issue is based upon peace as a theme due to the Vietnam War. In the 1975 issue, the Bicentennial of the United States of America is celebrated, and the students of Maria College commemorate the following: the spirit of being a citizen of the United States, colonialism, honoring George Washington, Henry Hudson, Quilting, and American Couture.