Long Beach Public Library Collection

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Long Beach Public Library Collection

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Historical Context

The Library movement began in 1925. Long Beach grew from sandbar to a city. Long Beach Public School District was established August 1, 1913. Long Beach was rapidly growing. The Magnolia School opened in 1915 and by 1926 West School, East School opened and a new Jr. & Sr. High School was proposed. In an article from the newspaper “Long Beach Life” February 27, 1926, “A Public Library” states, “A stranger to the city might very properly ask, “Where is the Public Library?” and who would not be ashamed to admit there is no such institution here. Not only is there no public Library in Long Beach, but so far as we can learn there is no provisions for the establishment of one.” There were three organizations who were the champions in the establishment of the library: The Long Beach Woman’s Club, Long Beach Lions Club and the Property Owner’s Association. Each organization tried to create a library for the community.

Scope of Collection

The Long Beach Public Library Collection contains photographs, cards & letters from 1928 to the present day.