Hudson-Fulton Celebration, 1909

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Hudson-Fulton Celebration, 1909
Group in Fancy Dress at the Hudson-Fulton Celebration - Image Source

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The Hudson-Fulton Celebration was held from September 25 through October 2, 1909. Towns along the Hudson River celebrated the tercentenary of the discovery of the Hudson River and the centenary of the invention of the steamboat by Robert Fulton. Homes and businesses flew flags and banners commemorating the eventful week. In Newburgh, Sunday was devoted to religious services. Monday and Tuesday were devoted to family reunions and gatherings. On Wednesday, a statue of Anthony Wayne was dedicated at Washington's Headquarters. Thursday, Firemen's Day, was celebrated with a parade down Broadway culminating in the unveiling of a state of a volunteer fireman at Concord and Broadway. Friday was Hudson-Fulton Day with a parade of floats and replicas of Hudson's Half Moon, Fulton's Clermont, and the ice breaker Norwich, up and down the Hudson River. Saturday, Aquatic Day, was devoted to sailboat and yacht racing. The week's celebration came to an end with the lighting of the Beacon Fires.

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This collection consists of photographs documenting the 1909 Hudson-Fulton Celebration in Newburgh, NY.