Hicksville Historic Photographs

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Hicksville Historic Photographs
Hicksville Centennial Parade - Image Source

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Historical Context

Founded by accident in 1836, when a financial depression brought the Long Island Railroad to a stop at Broadway, Hicksville started as a train station then a hotel then a real estate deal and then slowly…very slowly, in spite of wars and pestilence, grew into the thriving community it is today. The definition of the American Melting Pot and the American Dream, Hicksville has a fascinating multiethnic history and a proud Military and Patriotic tradition with an influence far beyond its borders. And yes, Billy Joel lived here.

Scope of Collection

The collection, at present, consists of over 1000 historic photographs, newspaper clippings and postcards of Hicksville, NY. The expanding collection covers the period from the late 1800s to the present. The collection is a microcosm of life in Hicksville and depicts buildings, civic events, roads, businesses, maritime activity, Military, education, weather, crime, portraits of individuals and families, etc. The photographs are both black and white and color.