Henry Uihlein Scrapbook

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Henry Uihlein Scrapbook
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1918 - 1924

Historical Context

Henry Uihlein II (1896 - 1997) was a successful businessman internationally-known philanthropist. Uihlein was also a sports organizer with a passion for speed skating and enthusiastic supporter of the 1924 Olympic champion skater, Charles Jewtraw. He was also prominent in speed skating organizations on both the national and local levels. He was instrumental in bringing the Eastern Championships of speed skating to Lake Placid in 1914 and the village’s first International event in 1920 when they hosted the International Outdoor Speed Skating Championships. Largely through Uihlein’s efforts, Lake Placid gained world-wide recognition as a skating and winter sports center.

Scope of Collection

This scrapbook contains an extensive collection of articles, pictures, and objects relating to the speed skating world around Lake Placid and Saranac Lake in the late 1910s and early 1920s. It contains multiple images on Henry Uihlein II, speed skating legend Charles Jewtraw, and other prominent speed skaters of the time period. Some of the pages in the scrapbook were blank, but the page numbers in the collection have been retained as in the original. Therefore, some pages will not be listed in the collection.