Glen Letters Collection

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Glen Letters Collection
Illustration of a snow shoe by Henry Glen, 1812 - Image Source

Collection Facts

Dates of Original:
c. 1763-1822

Scope of Collection

This collection contains the letters of the Glen family, although they are mainly letters to and from Henry Glen. Henry Glen was a Schenectady resident and formed a trading company with his brother John. Henry Glen was appointed to the position of Schenectady County Clerk in 1767. During the American Revolution, Henry Glen was active on the side of the colonists in three Provincial Congresses and as Deputy Quartermaster General. After the war, Henry Glen continued to pursue an active role in state politics. He also remained involved with the movements of supplies to troops in New York.

The bulk of these letters deal with Henry Glen's post Revolutionary War work, although, there are a number of letters from the end of the war. There are also letters regarding Henry Glen's involvement in the War of 1812. Glen believed that the he was not properly reimbursed for his work as Deputy Quartermaster and many of the letters in this collection are written to officials in the U.S. Treasury regarding his lack of payment. Although the bulk of the letters in this collection deal with official business, there are some the are personal in nature.