Arthur Koweek Collection: Hudson Urban Renewal

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Arthur Koweek Collection: Hudson Urban Renewal
Demolition of building on Warren and South First, page 15 - Image Source

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Arthur Koweek, owner of the Town Fair toy and baby furniture shop, chaired the Hudson City Planning Commission during the urban renewal project of 1971-1973. Urban renewal transformed neighborhoods from west of Front Street, north of Warren Street and west of Second Street to the Hudson River. This collection, containing Koweek’s slides of the impacted areas, is being displayed publicly for the first time in nearly 50 years. Most of these photographs document buildings that were later demolished.

The text for the photographs was written by Ted Hilscher, Professor Emeritus of History at Columbia-Greene Community College in Hudson. Hilscher collected oral history, utilized Beers Atlas of 1873, Polk’s 1962 Directory, and an aerial photograph of the city made prior to the urban renewal. In each instance, the title being used for a photograph is the identification placed on the original slide by hand. The date being used is the date stamped into the cardboard mount for each slide. Photographers were from the Federal Urban Renewal Program and are unidentified.

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The hope and expectation is that identifying and using these photographs will continue. Anyone with additional information, comments, or suggested improvements may contact Ted Hilscher.

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