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Yama Farms Collection
The Red Bridge at Yama-No-Uchi, Yama Farms, Napanoch, N.Y. - Image Source

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Yama Farms was an inn established by Frank Seaman and Olive Sarre in the early twentieth century. Both Olive and Frank traveled widely and were greatly influenced by the culture of Japan. They shared a vision for society which they were able to manifest in the unique resort which ultimately became Yama Farms, renowned for its Japanese style architecture and gardens. This idyllic setting provided a respite for artists, writers and captains of industry, as well as a place for reflection and innovation. Yama Farms was a model of sustainability for its day, with its own dairy, vegetable gardens and trout hatchery.

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This collection includes images of Yama Farms Inn, as well as the grounds and farmland that surrounded the resort.

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