West Genesee Yearbooks

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West Genesee Yearbooks
The Genesean, 2015 - Image Source

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1954 - 1955; 1958 - 1960; 1962 - 2020

Historical Context

The establishment of schools in Camillus goes back almost to the original settling and naming of the Town in the 1790s. By 1808, the village had its first log schoolhouse, which was replaced by a frame building in 1813 and a brick building in 1829. Throughout the remainder of the 19th century, small schools were located in hamlets and neighborhoods across the Town of Camillus.

As population grew in the 20th century, so did the need for larger, more centrally located school buildings such as Warners High School, Warner Elementary School, Fairmount Elementary School, and Camillus High School. In 1952, the West Genesee Central School District was created. As of the year 2020, this Syracuse, NY suburban district comprises four elementary schools, grades Kindergarten through 5 (East Hill, Onondaga Road, Split Rock, and Stonehedge); two middle schools, grades 6 through 8 (Camillus Middle and West Genesee Middle); and one high school, grades 9 through 12 (West Genesee Senior High) with an approximate student population of 4500.

Scope of Collection

This collection includes yearbooks from West Genesee High School in Camillus, NY, from 1958 - 2016. Also included are Camillus High School yearbooks from 1958 and 1959, West Genesee Junior High yearbooks from 1971 - 1987, and a West Genesee Central High School Graduation Program from 1958.