Wayne County Murals

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Wayne County Murals
First Herd Holsteins, Walworth, close-up - Image Source

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The inspiration for this mural was two paintings by Clara Billings Yeomans (1850 - 1926) owned by the Walworth Historical Society. In 1879, Theron G. Yeomans of Walworth imported 32 Holstein cattle consisting of 2 bulls and 30 females, mostly heifers, from Holland. In 1885, Mr. Yeomans became the the first president of the Holstein-Friesian Association. Holstein cattle are renowned for their milk and butter production, and they became the predominant breed in this area. The single cow on the right side of the mural is Aaggie 2nd. As a two-year old, she made an unofficial record of 17,746 lbs., 2 oz. of milk in a year, an unheard of performance by a two-year old heifer at the time. Later, she made a record of 20,763 lbs., 3 oz. of milk in a year. The mural was painted by Cazenovia College Art Professor Corky Goss, assisted by his son Graham.

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This collection includes two images of a painted mural. The first image shows the mural in situ and the other image is a close-up of the mural. The mural depicts Theron G. Yeomans and his Holstein cattle.

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