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Sheveron 1961
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Historical Context

The main campus of Vernon-Verona-Sherrill High School was built in 1954, and is centrally located between the towns of Vernon and Verona and the city of Sherrill at the intersection of New York State Route 31 and Beacon Light Road.  The 1951 -1954 editions of the "Sheveron" reflect a student population that is spread between multiple buildings, while the central building project was underway.  VVS yearbooks are called "Sheveron" in homage to the three communities that primarily comprise the district: She (Sherrill) Ve (Vernon) Ron (Verona).

The main campus comprises the Jr./Sr. High students (Grades 7-12), with K-6 buildings in Vernon (W.A. Wettel Elementary School), Verona (J.D. George Elementary School), and Sherrill (E.A. McAllister Elementary School).  Most of the district is in Oneida County, though a small portion of the district includes the hamlet of Kenwood in Madison County.  In Oneida County, the VVS district includes most of the towns of Verona and Vernon (including the village of Vernon and City of Sherrill) and small parts of the towns of Kirkland and Westmoreland.  It also includes a portion of the City of Rome.

Some yearbooks may include content that is reflective of what was considered acceptable in society at the time that they were published, and would not be deemed acceptable in contemporary society.

Scope of Collection

This collection includes the 1950 Edition of the Sherrill High School yearbooks ("Spirit"), and all annual editions of the Vernon-Verona-Sherrill (VVS) High School yearbook ("Sheveron") from 1951 - 2018.