Syracuse Free Dispensary

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Syracuse Free Dispensary
Drug Room, Syracuse Free Dispensary - Image Source

Collection Facts

Dates of Original:
1888 - 1919; 1950 - 1964

Historical Context

Founded in 1888 by Dr. John S Van Duyn (1843-1934), the Syracuse Free Dispensary was a public outpatient facility supported by volunteer contributions and the College of Medicine. Throughout its existence the dispensary housed a wide variety of clinics including: general medicine, general surgery, pediatrics, ophthalmology, radiology, otolaryngology, and so on. To meet public demand the dispensary changed locations throughout the years. After it's incorporation at 208 South Warren, the dispensary relocated in 1897 to 407 South Warren where it remained until 1904. The dispensary was then moved to 506 S. Warren from 1904-1914 and to 610 E. Fayette from 1914-1957. It was eventually forced to the State building at 333 E. Washington until 1964 when it was folded into the outpatient clinic at the new University Hospital of SUNY Upstate Medical Center.

Scope of Collection

This collection encompasses the existence of the dispensary from 1888-1964 and contains photographs & negatives of dispensary personnel, interior/exterior shots of dispensary locations, ceremonies, newspaper clippings, and documents.