Suckley Family World War I Collection

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Suckley Family World War I Collection
World War I photograph album of Henry Eglinton Montgomery Suckley. Page 39, photo 2 - Image Source

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This collection focuses on the activities of Henry Eglinton Montgomery Suckley (HEMS) during World War I. He was a member of the American Ambulance Field Service that supported the French Army before the United States became a participant in the war. Three weeks before the United States declared war on Germany, Henry was killed by a bomb dropped from a German plane on March 19, 1917. He was serving as a volunteer ambulance driver in Albania and is buried there. The letters, diaries, photographs, maps, magazines, printed materials, and postcards in this collection record a personal journey but also represent the experiences of American volunteers, civilians, and soldiers during the period of 1915 - 1917. These records provide a first hand account of the war to end all wars.