Sports and Recreation in Schenectady New York

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Sports and Recreation in Schenectady New York
Original 1913 Mohawk Giants team - Image Source

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c. 1880 - 1990

Historical Context

Schenectady is a city near Albany, New York. Schenectady was, and still is, a prominent area for sports and recreation activities. The city was home to the Schenectady Blue Jays, a minor league baseball team, from 1946 - 1957. It is also an area known for boxing and golf. The local parks have areas for swimming, boating, biking, and plenty of additional recreational activities.

Scope of Collection

This collection features photographs of various sports and recreational activities in Schenectady County. Images in this collection include photographs of local baseball team the Schenectady Blue Jays and Schenectady’s professional Negro baseball team, the Mohawk Giants. Also included are images of parks, bicycling, boating, golfing, football, and other recreational activities around Schenectady County.

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