Shelter Island Historical Society Founding Organization Collection

Cover Image:
Bulletin of the Shelter Island Historical Society, June 1924

Collection Facts


Historical Context

On November 18, 1922, the first “Shelter Island Historical Society” was Formed. In all, the Society met only 50 times between November 1922 and August 1933. They collected important documents such as a Nut Bread recipe, Presbyterian Confessions of Faith and C.E. Record Book, notes from Lodowick Havens’ diary, five copies of the SI Tribune 1892-1893, and three copies of the Suffolk Times 1897-1927, among other items. The Historical society was formed again in 1966 and was granted its charter in1969 and continues to this day.

Scope of Collection

This collection includes minutes, a bulletin, correspondence, and other ephemera collected by the original Shelter Island Historical society that was founded in 1922.