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Plain Talk Magazine
Plain Talk (July 5, 1913) - Image Source

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Henry K. Landis was among the mass influx of German immigrants who settled in Pennsylvania (Lancaster County) in the 1700s. Henry, along with his brother George where the founders of the Landis Valley Museum in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Landis, was also the editor of the local publication “Plain Talk”, during a stint in Port Washington, N.Y. Very little is known about the time Landis spent in Port Washington, however he was an avid picture taker who photographed various parts of Port and established long-standing friendships with Port Washington residents such as Charles N. Wysong and J.S. Witmer Jr. Once he returned to his Lancaster, Pennsylvania birth place in 1914, after several years in Port Washington, the magazine ceased operation.

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Plain Talk (1911-1914) was a local Port Washington bi-weekly magazine edited by Henry K. Landis and published by North Shore Publishing Co., Port Washington, N.Y. It provides information about business, civic life, and social events.

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