Onondaga Community College Yearbooks

Onondaga Community College is an accredited two-year comprehensive community college located in Onondaga County, New York. Onondaga Community College was established in 1961 with an initial enrollment of 1,294 students. The college has since grown to the current thriving community of over eight thousand students. The yearbook collection illustrates the beginnings of this dynamic institution of higher learning. The first edition of the yearbook was a paperback publication entitled, Onondaga Community College presents the Plaza Programme, which was published in June 1963. The yearbook grew in its importance to the student body and in 1964 the first hardcopy yearbook was published entitled, The Chieftain. The yearbook collection reflects the time it documents, showing the progression from the traditional formal pictures of faculty and students in the mid-1960s, to a more candid remembrance of the day-to-day on campus by the mid-1970s. The final edition was published in 1975.

Collection owner: Onondaga Community College