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The Normal Leader
The Normal Leader, February 1893 - Image Source

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The Normal Leader is the student newspaper of the State University of New York at Fredonia, first published in 1893. Originally published by the all-female Agonian literary society, after its very first issue, it became the publication of both the Agonian and the Zetesian (all-male) literary societies. The newspaper shortened its official name to The Leader in 1936 and is the title under which it is still published today. Heavily focused on literary content in its earliest years, the newspaper remains one of the most frequently requested and accessed published titles within the Special Collections & Archives Division of the Daniel A. Reed Library at Fredonia, which underscores its importance in supporting both college and regional history, as it provides a unique look into the history and culture of higher learning in Western New York. This digital collection was made possible through a 2018 Regional Bibliographic Databases (RBDB) Grant from the Western New York Library Resources Council.

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The physical collection of bound volumes of ​The Normal Leader student newspapers spans from its first issues in 1893 through 1936 when the name of the newspaper was shortened to ​The Leader, which is still currently being published. ​The Normal Leader Student Newspaper collection represents earlier issues of the paper from its founding days, which are in the public domain.
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