Newsletters of the Network of Religious Communities and Predecessor Organizations

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cover of The Church Councillor vol 3 no 2
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When completely digitized, this collection will contain the informational newsletters beginning with the  Erie County Sunday School Association in the Western New York area  beginning in 1921. Materials digitized consisted of  bi folds, zeroed copies, mimeographed copies and professionally printed monthly newsletters  from some of the predecessor organizations of the Network of Religious Communities (NRC). 

Erie County Sunday School Association (1863- 1926)
Buffalo Council of Churches (1923-1930)
Buffalo Area Metropolitan Ministry (1975-1989),
Network of Religious Communities (1989-current time).


The information contained within the newsletters consists of advertising future events for clergy and/or lay people, updates on finances and requests for donations, information about organizational goals and aspirations, social welfare, community relations, speakers (local, national and international), religious events, calendar of local events and evangelism. 


The newsletters were found in numerous locations at the Network of Religious Communities building at 1272 Delaware Avenue and each volume may not be complete.  However, they have been collated and organized to the best of our abilities.

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