Newburgh Municipal Records

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Newburgh Municipal Records

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Historical Context

The Palatines arrived in 1709, having been granted a patent by Queen Anne in 1708. In subsequent land divisions in 1715, a central area was set aside to support school and church through land leases in a European Glebe. While no records exist for Newburgh’s life as a parish (1709-1796), the fire brigades were granted a charter from New York State to operate officially in 1797. Three years later, particularly because of the need for administering the water supply, residents were granted a village charter. Essential to the survival of these early communities were the census and the assessment. Newburgh’s growth soon required the organization of citizens into oversight boards.

Scope of Collection

This collection contains municipal records from Newburgh, New York dating from the late 18th century through the early 20th century. Included are Alms House records, Glebe records, Parks Commissioner records, Water Commissioner records, Town/Village records and Slave records.

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