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Miscellaneous Objects
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Historical Context

The objects in the miscellaneous collection were assembled through various donations during the Museum’s 80-year history:

Several artifacts were unearthed on the property of the Cold Spring Harbor Labs at the site of Charles Davenport’s house and donated by Guy Cozza.

Various objects representing Long Island’s history with oysters were purchased by the Museum in 2009.

Several coconut dippers were donated by Weston Howland as part of his large scrimshaw collection.

The ships in bottles were donated by Captain Marion Eppley.

Scope of Collection

The collection consists of 19th and early 20th century bottles, household artifacts, and ships in bottles. Much of the material dates to the mid-18th century with some more modern pieces. It was assembled to give context to the Museum’s larger collection of maritime tools and scrimshaw.

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