Liverpool Yearbook Collection

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Liverpool Yearbook Collection
The Hiawathan 2008: We Are Liverpool - Image Source

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1914 - 2018

Historical Context

In 1797 the first classes were taught to Liverpool children at the salt works at the foot of Tulip Street. In the years to follow classes were held in a barn, a log home and a school building in the middle of the woods in Johnson Park. The location of the school was changed twice more in the 1800’s with an official school district being laid out in 1839.

In 1848 a school at Tulip and Second Street was built, followed by several annexes and some private schools that sprung up to serve the increasing population. A junior-senior high school opened in 1929 on Fourth and Hickory Streets in the village; this building later housed AV Zogg Middle School and is now privately owned. A new high school was built on the willow fields of Wetzel Road in 1967. Liverpool High School currently consists of two buildings on its sprawling campus.

Scope of Collection

This collection consists of about 60 issues of the “Graphic,” from 1914-1958, and about 60 issues of the “Hiawathan,” from 1957 to the present. The Graphic editions are mostly text, while the Hiawathan is mostly photographs of the high school students and their activities, in the familiar format of modern high school yearbooks.