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Library History
Toi Curtis, first librarian at Guilderland Free Library - Image Source

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This collection documents the library’s early years (1957-1969), beginning through the initiative of the Westbrook Women’s Club. The first location was at space loaned by the Guilderland Elementary School. Subsequent moves were to the laundry building next to the Wells gas station on Western Ave., the rear of the Westmere Plaza in a Central Markets space, then the front of the plaza. With increasing population growth in the town, the library moved to 1900 Western Ave, staying there for 14 years. In the years following, the library moved into rented space at 1873 Western Ave. in 1982, and then into a permanent building in 1992 after voters approved a change in status to school district public library. The library’s story through the years has been one of active and proud support by community members determined to provide the best library possible for the

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