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40 items
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1865? - present
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Historical Context

Since its charter in 1901, the Kirkland Town Library has played a unique role in nurturing, supporting and preserving artistic endeavors in our community. The Library was the first home of the Kirkland Art Center from 1960-1966 and hosts monthly art exhibits in our Bristol Room gallery space. A key feature of the Library building is a wide-ranging collection of artwork gifted to the library.

Scope of Collection

The library’s complete collection contains approximately sixty pieces of art and photography. The pieces convey a variety of subjects from landmark buildings to local scenes to significant events in the life of the community. They are done by painters, photographers and textile artists who either lived in Clinton or have a special connection to our town. Our hope is that eventually, this archive will serve as an online museum for the library’s entire collection so that visitors from far and wide can experience it.