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Jericho Historical Collection
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Located mainly in the Town of Oyster Bay with a small part in the Town of Hempstead, Jericho was part of the Robert Williams Plantation in 1648. The English families who settled in Jericho were, or soon became, Quakers, members of the Society of Friends. Many fled from persecution in England and in the New England Colonies. They sought a peaceful existence as farmers. The name of the area was changed in 1692 from Lusum to Jericho after the town in the Middle East near the Jordan River mentioned in the Bible as part of the Promised Land.

Scope of Collection

The Jericho Historical Collection consists of over 1000 photographs, maps, and postcards depicting many facets of the daily life in the town, including portriats of townsfolk, schools, civic events, roadways, various commercial and residential buildings, etc.