Hudson City Directories

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Hudson City Directories
Hudson City Directory, 1888-1889 - Image Source

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This collection dates from 1851, the first year the City of Hudson directories were published, and includes directories in the library’s collection through 1939. Directories from these years will be added to this online collection as they are scanned.

The directories contain residents’ names, addresses, and often occupations and, occasionally, demographic information (“Colored” is designated in the 1800s and “Widow of” is sometimes noted). In addition businesses are listed by category. There are advertisements for local and area businesses that often include drawings. Schools and federal, state, county and city government officials are listed as well as banks and associations and organizations in Hudson.

In addition to the City of Hudson these directories often incorporate other area towns and cities. The City of Athens is included some years in the late 1800s representing the importance of the Hudson-Athens ferry service and the resulting strong business and resident connections. From the end of the 1800s to 1939 the directories include the towns of Claverack and Stottville.

Even though some directories have suffered from inadequate storage conditions or poor paper quality and binding the vast majority are in fair/good condition and to be handled with appropriate caution.

These images represent the library’s City of Hudson Directories collection but they do not include the entire collection, which is an open collection. For more information contact