Hospital of the Good Shepherd

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Hospital of the Good Shepherd
Medical Class at Hospital Good Shepherd Amphitheater - Image Source

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Dates of Original:
1880 - 1910; 1930 - 1935; c. 1955 - 1965

Historical Context

This Syracuse hospital was known by three different names. When it was founded in 1872 it was known as House of the Good Shepherd. After its move to the corner of Marshall Street and University Ave in 1875, it was called Hospital of the Good Shepherd and later as University Hospital of the Good Shepherd. After Upstate Medical University opened its own medical center facility as a University Hospital, the Good Shepherd was closed. The religious metaphor of "Good Shepherd" reflects the original founding by Bishop Frederic D. Huntington of the Episcopal Diocese of Central New York. The building on the corner of Marshall and University is now called Huntington Hall in his honor. It houses the School of Education of Syracuse University.

Scope of Collection

This collection contains numerous images of the exterior and interior of the Good Shepherd Hospital. Some interior images include the operating and waiting rooms, as well as other hospital features. The exterior images reflect historical periods of the horse and buggy to vintage cars parked in front from the early 1960s.