History of Goulds Pumps: a Scrapbook Collection

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map of Seneca Falls with inset drawing of Goulds Pumps
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The history of Goulds Pumps begins in 1848, when their first wooden pump banded with iron was produced in Seneca Falls, New York.  In 1848, Seabury S. Gould purchased interest in Downs, Mynderse & Co. 

The company became Goulds Manufacturing Company in 1869, still run by Seabury S. Gould.  Gould family members continued to run the company until 1964, when the company ownership was transferred to public and employee ownership.

Goulds Manufacturing Company had a foundry and produced many kinds of cast products, including corn shellers, bells, sad irons, sinks, tools, and fire engines.  In 1860, the foundry poured 10 to 14 tons of iron per day.

In the 1920s, Goulds Pumps was a household name, with ads in the Saturday Evening Post with illustrations by Norman Rockwell.  

The company still exists and operates out of Seneca Falls, although it is now ITT Goulds Pumps.