The City of Hudson Postcards Collection

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The City of Hudson Postcards Collection
Warren Street, Hudson, N.Y. - Image Source

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This collection, which dates from the early 1900s, includes hundreds of postcards collected by various donors. The postcards provide important visual information about so many elements of the City of Hudson. They provide images of architecture and various types of buildings. Also, it contains a wide range of illustrations (drawings and photographic images) on subjects as varied as urbanization, transportation, industrialization, education, health structure, events and environment.

The collection features postcards from a multitude of publishers, based mostly in New York State. Some of these postcards have been used for correspondence which gives us insights into the subject depicted on the postcards as well as into the lives of the residents. Indeed, this collection is a valuable resource for researchers.

Even though some postcards have suffered from inadequate storage conditions or poor paper quality, the vast majority of the collection is in a fair/good condition to be handled with appropriate precautions.

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