Brothertown in Oneida County

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Photo of Romance Wyatt, "last of the Brothertown Indians"
Photo of Romance Wyatt, "last of the Brothertown Indians" - Image Source

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1828 - 1985

Historical Context

The Brothertown Indians are a group of Native Americas who settled in the Deansboro and Kirkland areas of Oneida County in the 1770s on land deeded to them by the Oneida Nation. The group practiced Christianity and formed by choice from several northeastern tribes including the Narragansetts, the Pequots, Mohegans, Montauks, Natnicks, and Shinicooks to preserve their common culture and identity. Their settlement in Oneida County was brief and the group later relocated to Wisconsin in the 1830s where many still live today.

Scope of Collection

This collection includes historical narratives, deeds, a map, and a photograph documenting the Brothertown tribe's presence in Oneida County and their subsequent migration to Wisconsin.