Big Flats Historical Society Calendars and Publications

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Big Flats Historical Society Calendars and Publications
Booklet for the 150th Anniversary of Big Flats, 1972 - Image Source

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c. 1998-2018

Historical Context

The Big Flats Historical Society formed in 1971 and its members have since researched, written and designed a catalog of publications and calendars with the goal to preserve and share the history of Big Flats, New York. A selection of those publications appears here, exploring how local history can be recorded and shared in different writing styles and formats.

Scope of Collection

The calendar series, conceived by member Sylvia Radford in 2003 as a fundraising tool for the historical society, includes several calendars that feature specific themes curated by the society’s board of directors. Calendars continue to be made and offered to the Big Flats community today.

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Big Flats Historical Society and Museum

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