We highly encourage partner organizations to advertise and link to the materials they have contributed to New York Heritage.  Linking to your organization’s landing page can highlight your presence in the repository.  We also have New York Heritage logo files and promotional materials available. 

Sample text for contributor website:

New York Heritage Digital Collections includes over 275,000 digitized books, manuscripts, maps, letters, photographs, and memorabilia. New York Heritage is your access to big stories and small affairs spanning the history of New York. Discover your history with contributions from over 350 libraries, museums, archives, and other community organizations. Find [Name of organization]'s digital collections. [link to your organization's landing page].


NYH Logo files:

NY Heritage - Color Logo
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NY Heritage - Greyscale Logo
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NY Heritage - Head Logo
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color palate thumbnailNew York Heritage Color Palette

Physical Promotional Materials:

brochure image thumbnailNew York Heritage Brochure

postcard image thumbnailNew York Heritage Postcard (5.5 x 8.5 inch)

rack card image thumbnailNew York Heritage Rack Card (3 per page for printing on an office printer)