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Dowling College Postcard Collection

Dowling College - Dowling College Library

Dates of Original: 1907-1938

The Gilded Age, the American Country House Movement, and life on the South Shore of Long Island dominate the themes in this collection. The "country house" is an archetypal British phenomenon that prevailed until the Great War. With money found in the new world, many prominent families in New York emulated this style by building lavish estates in rural areas neigboring major cities.

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Robert Joki Stereoscopic Collection of Saratoga Springs NY

Saratoga Springs Public Library

The Robert Joki Stereoview collection at the Saratoga Springs Public Library illustrates the rich upbringing of Saratoga Springs, NY, from the tapping of the natural spring system, the development of Broadway in the 19th century, and the ravaging fires that shaped Saratoga's cityscape.

Through a simple trick of the mind, stereoview presents two offset photographs with use of a stereogram to create 3D depth from 2D images. Stereoviews were increasingly popular in the mid-1800s and captured anything from mundane life to beautiful environments lost with time.

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New York State Women's Suffrage Exhibition Collection

South Central Regional Library Council

Dates of Original: c. 1848-1919

The resolution calling for woman suffrage had passed, after much debate, at the Seneca Falls Convention in 1848, convened by Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott. In The Declaration of Sentiments, a document based upon the Declaration of Independence, the numerous demands of these early activists were conveyed. The 1848 convention had challenged America to social revolution that would touch every aspect of life. Early women’s rights leaders believed suffrage to be the most effective means to change an unjust system. By the late 1800s, nearly 50 years of progress afforded women... Read more

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Reher Center Collection

Reher Center for Immigrant Culture and History

In 1907, Ade Reher, a Russian-Jewish immigrant, purchased the buildings at 99-101 Broadway in Kingston, NY. Her large family operated a kosher bakery downstairs while living upstairs. Each Reher sibling played a different role in keeping the business running. The family ran the bakery from 1908 until 1980.

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