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Fred R. Wolcott Photographic Collection

Liverpool Public Library

Dates of Original: c. 1890 - 1920

The Onondaga Reservation is located in Onondaga County, New York, south of the city of Syracuse. It is recognized by the United States Government as a politically independent entity. The Onondaga people are one of the original five constituent nations of the Iroquois Confederacy that occupied much of present-day New York State, and were called the “Keepers of the Fire” by the other nations. They have a traditional form of government, where chiefs are nominated by clan mothers. Onondaga culture continues to evolve and incorporate aspects of both traditional and modern ways of life.
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Taylor Civil War Letters

Hobart & William Smith Colleges

Dates of Original: 1860 - 1864

Edward H. C. Taylor (1840-1905) was the son of Walter Teller Taylor (1802-1856) and the father of Edward Walter Desire Taylor (1876-1952). E. H. C. Taylor was educated at Hobart College, Geneva, N.Y. At the outbreak of the Civil War he was visiting in Holland, Michigan and enlisted in the 4th Regiment Michigan Infantry. After the war he moved to Stockton, California. Later, he lived in Bellingham, Washington, where he was a principal in the Bellingham Bay and British Columbia Railroad, and eventually moved to St. Paul, Minnesota, where he was senior freight auditor for the Northern Pacific... Read more

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Huntington Historical Photographs

Huntington Public Library

Dates of Original: c.1900-1967

The photographs were taken by Benjamin Sargent Conklin, a noted photographer in and around Huntington, L. I. in the early 20th century, was born in Huntington 29 August 1873 and died 22 November 1964.

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Levittown History Collection

Levittown Public Library

Dates of Original: 1947-1951

Levittown gets its name from its builder, the firm of Levitt & Sons, Inc. founded by Abraham Levitt on August 2, 1929, which built the district as a planned community between 1947 and 1951. Sons William and Alfred served as the company's president and chief architect and planner, respectively. Levittown was the first truly mass-produced suburb and is widely regarded as the archetype for postwar suburbs throughout the country.

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