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Highland Hospital School of Nursing Scrapbooks

University of Rochester Medical Center - Highland Hospital

Dates of Original: c. 1920 - 1927

During the 1920's, many of the nursing students at Highland Hospital School of Nursing in Rochester, N.Y. created scrapbooks. Several of these scrapbooks were donated to the Highland Hospital Archives and we've digitized three of them to make them accessible to the public. Highland Hospital School of Nursing Scrapbooks gives a delightful glimpse into the lives of these students and their personal experiences at Highland.

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Montauk Maritime Collection

Montauk Library

Dates of Original: 1885-1954

Since the days of the Montauk Indians, Montauk's coastal location has played an important role in seafaring life and the history of navigation.

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The Jamaica Parlor Car

Wantagh Preservation Society

The Jamaica Parlor Car was built in 1912 by the American Car & Foundry Corporation for the Pennsylvania Railroad company, to be used by its subsidiary company, the Long Island Railroad Company. It was one of ten such cars built to be used as a first- class cars that could carry 26 passengers to their destination.

In 1925 it was reclassified as a business car for use by LIRR executives and renamed, “The Montauk “.

In 1930 it was rebuilt as an Observation Car with 3 state rooms, a solarium, dining room, galley and valet and cook quarters. An Observation Deck was added to... Read more

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Historic Postcards of East Rockaway, N.Y.

Historical Society of East Rockaway and Lynbrook

Dates of Original: 1900-1970

East Rockaway, an early community on the south shore of Long Island, first appeared as Neare Rockaway in 1665. The Town of Hempstead, at a town meeting held December 28, 1688, granted Joseph Haviland the right to construct a grist mill within one year. If said mill shall be ‘uncapable’ to grind in one year, then ‘streame and Land is to reterne to ye towne againe.’ The Haviland Grist Mill was built in 1689 and became the center of the social, economic and political life of the area. East Rockaway prospered as a seaport with packet boats carrying oyster and farm produce to New York City... Read more

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