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Dudley Observatory Artifacts

Dudley Observatory

Dates of Original: c. 1890 - 2000

For over a century, the Dudley Observatory was a functioning observatory focused on both public and technical astronomy. During this period the Dudley saw many transitions, from the introduction of photo-astronomy to the rise of computers, and many pieces of its equipment still exist in the collection. These range from the work-horse of the Observatory, the Olcott Meridan Circle telescope, to various pieces of surveying and measuring equipment, to a small but useful collection of meteorites.

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Gold Coast Historical Collection

Gold Coast Public Library

Dates of Original: c.1929-1950

The North Shore of Long Island is the area along Long Island's northern coast, bordering Long Island Sound. Long Island's North Shore is known for its extreme wealth and lavish estates. The North Shore has a history of affluence, most notably at the turn of the 20th century, which earned it the nickname "the Gold Coast" Historically, this term is used only in reference to the Long Island coastline in the towns of North Hempstead, Oyster Bay, and Huntington, in Nassau and western Suffolk County. The easternmost certified Gold Coast Mansion is the Geissler Estate, located... Read more

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Highland Hospital 1940-1949: The School of Nursing during World War II

University of Rochester Medical Center - Highland Hospital

Dates of Original: 1940 - 1949

Mostly formal and often posed, these black and white images offer a taste of hospital life during that decade. It was hospital business as usual, with the addition of new wartime measures. Day-to-day scenes such as a doctor reviewing x-ray films with a Dictaphone, and nurses assisting a patient in an oxygen tent are juxtaposed with the then-familiar sight of an Air Raid Warden's Post furnished with fire-fighting equipment.

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Pioneer Yearbooks

State University of New York at Potsdam - College Libraries

The Pioneer was the annual yearbook of first the Potsdam Normal School and then of SUNY Potsdam after the SUNY school system was established in 1948.

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