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Martha Blow Wadsworth Photograph Collection

SUNY Geneseo

Dates of Original: 1900 - 1910

The Wadsworths were a prominent Genesee Valley family in the 18th and 19th centuries. Martha Blow Wadsworth (1864-1934) was a native of St. Louis, Missouri and lived  in Avon, New York with her husband, Herbert Wadsworth.  She was an avid horsewoman and amateur photographer, who documented her many travels.

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Alexis Johnson Collection

Utica College - Center for Historical Research

Alexis L. Johnson was born on August 31,1811, the first of eight children of Cephus Johnson and Sophia Haile Lockling in Fairfield, NY. During his youth, he spent the summer months working on his father’s farm and the rest of the year in school at the Eaton’s Bush district school.*

Johnson began his career as an educator at the Myer’s district in the town of Herkimer, NY, in the winter of 1828. During the winter term of 1829, he taught at the Pierce school in the town of Fairfield, NY. Concurrent to these appointments, Johnson attended the Fairfield Academy under the tutelage of... Read more

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Huntington War Manuscripts

Huntington Town Clerk's Archives

Dates of Original: 1779-1866

During the Revolutionary War, the occupying British army forced Huntington residents to take oaths of allegiance to the Crown. If a man refused to take the oath, he and his family could be turned off their property, losing everything. The British established a headquarters in Huntington and used Long Island as a supply depot for the occupying forces in Manhattan. Crops and livestock were taken, horses and oxen were commandeered, and residents were forced to provide food, housing and labor. Residents resisted as best they could. Men who had fled to Connecticut conducted raids across the... Read more

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Joseph Jacques Ramee Architectural Plans for Union College

Union College

Dates of Original: c. 1810 - 1820

Joseph Jacques Ramée was a well-known architect and an itinerant designer in Europe, whose work could be seen in Belgium, Germany, and Denmark. The style which developed in his designs was a product of his nomadism: to the Neoclassicism of his training in France, he eclectically adopted elements from the architectural pallet of whatever locale he was working in. His tendency was to work with basic shapes and spare forms, suitable to versatile settings. In January 1813, Nott came into contact with Joseph Ramée, as the architect traveled south through New York State on his way to... Read more

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