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Holy Family High School Yearbooks

St. Lawrence-Lewis Board of Educational Services

The St. Lawrence-Lewis School Library System collection consists of high school yearbooks from area high schools. The Crusader is the annual yearbook of Holy Family High School.

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Oneonta NY Railroad Memorabilia at Hartwick College

Hartwick College - Stevens-German Library

Dates of Original: 1870

In the mid-19th century, the Delaware and Hudson Railroad reached Oneonta, stimulating development as a railroad center and attracting new industries. Oneonta was once home to the largest locomotive roundhouse in the world. Dr. Eugene Milener was the Oneonta City Historian and author of "Oneonta: The Development of a Railroad Town." Published in 1983, the book covers the period of time from the arrival of the first settlers in the 1770s to about 1930, just before the city's railroad period began its decline.

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Dunham Family Collection

Dunham Public Library

Dates of Original: c. 1850 - 1940

George Earl Dunham was a local newspaper editor and civic-minded citizen. He was born in Clayville in 1859, and was best known as editor and publisher of the Utica Daily Press. He also taught at the Whitesboro Seminary, and later taught Americanization classes to immigrants. He received national recognition for a popular book on the subject. He married his wife, Helen, during the late nineteenth century. Mr. Dunham was instrumental in the establishment of the Utica Chamber of Commerce and became its first president in 1898. Upon his death, he designated his father’s estate to be used as a... Read more

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Great Neck Historic Postcards

Great Neck Library

Dates of Original: c. 1900-1986

The Village of Great Neck is one of nine villages that (together with several unincorporated areas) make up Great Neck - part of the Town of North Hempstead and of Nassau County. Among Great Neck’s earliest settlements - some say the first “of any real importance and Presence” here - it is still called by many “the old village.” Like the rest of Great Neck, the Village was almost exclusively farm and orchard from its settlement in the 1660's into the 19th century. In that century, it became a small center of commerce for all of Great Neck, either selling to farmers, or servicing... Read more

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