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Newburgh Glebe Documents

Newburgh Free Library

Dates of Original: 1790s - early 1900s

The Newburgh Glebe was established in 1719 by immigrants from the German Palatinate of the Rhine. Each family was given 100-300 acres and a central plot for support of a Lutheran minister. The first patent of the Glebe, then known as the German patent or Palatine Parish, was surrendered in 1752 after the arrival of Dutch and English settlers. The second patent was established and was then known as the Parish of Newburgh and the clergyman was replaced by a minister of the Church of England. In 1794, it changed again when Presbyterians were elected Trustees of the Glebe.

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Port Washington Library History Collection

Port Washington Public Library

Dates of Original: c. 1930 - 2000

The Port Washington Public Library has been serving the community since 1892 when it was housed in a local family’s front parlor. Today we are a modern service-oriented institution. The Library serves the Port Washington School District and is funded primarily by local taxes levied on real estate.

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Barge Canal Construction: Middle Division

Canal Society of New York State

Dates of Original: 1905 - 1925

In 1903, New York State decided it was necessary to enlarge the Erie, Champlain, Oswego, and Cayuga-Seneca Canals, in order to compete against evolving modes of transportation and the growth of railroads. This enlarged system of canals, known as the Barge Canal, was completed in 1918. The enlarged Barge Canal was 12-14 feet deep, 120-200 feet wide, and was able to accommodate larger, self-propelled vessels carrying up to 3,000 tons of cargo.
The Canal Society Collection contains a large sub-collection of Barge Canal Construction albums. These albums, which are organized by contract... Read more

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Crain Family Papers

Utica College - Center for Historical Research

The Crain family resided in the town of Warren in southern Herkimer County (Cullen, New York), and maintained strong political ties and involvement in both New York City and national politics. Born on March 19, 1774, in Weston, Maine, physician Rufus Crain moved from Connecticut, and established a medical practice in Warren, Herkimer County, New York by 1794. In 1798, he married Philatheta C. Marshall from Colchester, Connecticut. Born August 31, 1798, the couple’s son (one son, two daughters), William Cullen Crain, married Warren resident Perses Narsina Tunnicliff in June 1826. The two... Read more

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