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Niagara County Community College - Henrietta G. Lewis Library


Niagara County Community College was founded on November 8, 1962 as the 25th State University of New York-chartered two-year College. The first classes were held in October 1963 at the original Niagara Falls campus in what was a former Nabisco Shredded Wheat factory. The college soon outgrew its grounds and built a state of the art, eight building campus in Sanborn--the geographical center of Niagara County in 1973.

In addition to the collections in New York Heritage, the Henrietta G. Lewis Library also holds the student newspapers published by the students of Niagara Community College. The digitized newspapers can be accessed through New York State Historic Newspapers at:
• Entricy Herald (1964-1968):
• Old Weird Herald (1969-1971):
• The Spirit (1972-2013):

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N-Triple-Scene was monthly cable television show created by Niagara County Community College. The title is a play on NCCC’s nickname, N-Triple-C. N-Triple-Scene first aired in 1990 and was produced monthly during the academic year. Episodes depict campus and community events. Topics are diverse and include: faculty research, student activities, career resources, cooking demonstrations, theatre performances, gallery openings, study abroad opportunities, among many others

NCCC Annual Reports

NCCC's Annual Reports contain detailed information on the College and its growth. Students, faculty, and staff accomplishments are highlighted. The reports are a summary of each academic year, encompassing enrollment statistics, financial statements, curriculum development, and community activities.

NCCC Briefs

NCCC Briefs features announcements and notices of various campus activities and events—from academic notifications to sports schedules; guest speakers to new faculty announcements.

NCCC Commencement Ceremony Programs

The NCCC Commencement Program Collection includes details on each college graduation ceremony from the very first graduating class to the present. Programs list the names of graduates and their degrees. There are details on the ceremony procession, including keynote speakers, as well as background on academic rituals such as the cap and gown.

NCCC Scrapbooks

These scrapbooks were compiled by NCCC students and staff over the years and highlight different facets of the College. Two of the scrapbooks were dedicated to former College President Ernest Notar. One scrapbook was created to commemorate the anniversary of the NCCC Veterans Association. Another focuses largely on College athletic events and was dedicated to former Athletic Director, Roy Sommer. The 25th anniversary of the College is the focus of another scrapbook.

Niagara County Community College Yearbooks

Niagara County Community College school yearbooks, Sanborn, New York. NCCC's Entricy Yearbooks document student life at the College from 1965 through 1979. The name Entricy, pronounced: N-Tri-C, is a play on the College's nickname of N-Triple-C.