Items in New York Heritage are organized into collections, which provide additional context for understanding their significance and meaning.

Rochester Civic Garden Center Bulletins 1945-2007

Rochester Civic Garden Center

The Rochester Civic Garden Center has been a trusted source of local horticultural information since its inception in 1945. This collection includes its Bulletins from the years 1945 through 2007.

Rochester Homeopathic Genesee Hospital Collection

Rochester Regional Health - Rochester Medical Museum & Archvies

Rochester Homeopathic Hospital, later known as Genesee Hospital, was an important medical facility in the Rochester region. This collection includes images of the Hospital throughout its existence.

Rochester Homeopathic Genesee Hospital School of Nursing Collection

Rochester Regional Health - Rochester Medical Museum & Archvies

The Rochester Homeopathic Hospital Training School, later known as the Genesee Hospital School of Nursing, was a leading medical education center in the region. This collection depicts the nursing students throughout the School’s administration from the late 19th century through late 20th century.

Rochester NY City Directories

Rochester Public Library

This collection includes city directories from Rochester, NY, with information about the people and businesses within the city. Includes three maps of the city of Rochester.

Rockville Centre Historic School Photographs

Rockville Centre Public Library

This collection contains photographs of different schools and classrooms located in the Rockville area.