Items in New York Heritage are organized into collections, which provide additional context for understanding their significance and meaning.

One of the nation's first institutes of higher education to accept students with no consideration to race or gender was open from 1849 to 1860.
A scrapbook containing newspaper clippings about the Buffalo Central Terminal at the time it first began operations.
In this collection, discover various forms of artwork that has been created to highlight the field of Chiropractic and the physical spaces that New York Chiropractic College has occupied over its long and rich history.
This collection includes historical documents and accolades that have been bestowed upon prevalent Chiropractors and New York Chiropractic College. Many of the featured objects have a direct connection to those persons, organizations and or groups connected to NYCC.
In this collection you will find paintings and photographs of Chiropractic Pioneers and those who have help and continue to aid in the understanding of natural healthcare within the Chiropractic and Acupuncture fields.